About Magick.Me™

Magick.Me™ is an online school for magick, meditation and mysticism.

Our mission is to democratize practical techniques for consciousness alteration, stripped of religious dogma, woo-woo thinking or occultist obfuscation. We firmly believe that if the techniques of "magick," which have traditionally been reserved for tiny secret societies, are to survive and stay relevant for the modern world, they need to adapt to the modern world.

We have a large library of instructional material to allow users to educate themselves in techniques for liberating their own minds, at their own pace. We don't tell people what to believe—we give you tools to have experiences. You can draw your own conclusions.

Magick.Me™ is a startup project run by Ultraculture Incorporated, the Los Angeles-based media company behind the popular blog Ultraculture.org.

If you have questions or suggestions for how to improve this project, you can contact us here.

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Jason Louv


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