The Fortuna Working

A practical working in wealth magick, designed to supercharge your skills for generating wealth and wealth consciousness.

In this exclusive, first-of a kind Working from Magick.Me, you'll undertake an intensive, extended magical ritual for building wealth.

This isn't a course. Instead, it's an actual step-by-step magical working that you'll undertake over several days to supercharge your finances and wealth-generating capacity.

Named in the honor of the Roman goddess of wealth and fortune, it is designed to leverage every single aspect of your consciousness towards generating money, for a pre-defined period of time. And while it is certainly intense, it can also be easily integrated (and should be integrated!) with your daily commitments and busy holiday schedule. It will also be completely customizable to your current circumstances.

(You can, of course, repeat this process as many times as you like, increasing the intensity as you go!)

The Fortuna Working will utilize, and test, everything that you've previously learned in Magick.Me courses. However, even complete beginners will be given everything they need to do the working.

This working is currently only available only to students enrolled in The Adept Initiative megacourse. It is designed to synergize with the contents of that course, and ideally to be undertaken before that course starts. It will begin the process of quickly building up wealth consciousness that we will refine, deepen in The Adept Initiative.

You can get access to it by signing up for The Adept Initiative before it sells out!


Wheels Within Wheels

Here's just a few of the magical delights you can expect in The Fortuna Working:

• Daily wealth meditations and visualizations to rewire old belief patterns and prime your brain for success. These exclusive audio meditations, repeatable daily, will hack your confirmation bias and laser-target your brain towards opportunities for generating wealth.

• Regular invocations of wealth deities and other denizens of the multiverse, as well as strategies for best approaching wealth and fortune themselves as intelligent, living, universal forces

• The continual utilization of potent gnostic technique to prime your conscious and unconscious mind towards wealth

• Strategies for rooting out previous self-sabotage patterns around wealth

• The use of advanced divination strategies for locating wealth generation opportunities

• Talismanic and sigil work for generating wealth and opportunities for creating wealth

• Techniques for creating a wealth-generating environment

• An in-depth reading list on wealth-generating techniques

• And lots, lots more.

Your Instructor

Jason Louv
Jason Louv

Jason Louv is the author of the bestselling John Dee and the Empire of Angels, and is the author or editor of Generation Hex, Ultraculture Journal, Thee Psychick Bible, Monsanto vs. the World and Hyperworlds/Underworlds and many more.

In the "real world," Jason works as a mild-mannered journalist. In the "other world," he has spent almost two decades studying and practicing the world's esoteric spiritual systems under many gurus and mentors around the globe, including chaos magick, Hermeticism, Thelema, Advaita Vedanta, kriya yoga, Masonry, Sufism, Enochian, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reichian analysis, Tarot, I Ching, Taoism, Theravada, Vajrayana, Dzogchen, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nepali shamanism, psychedelic therapy and multiple healing modalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the working start?
The working will open in mid-December, and is not time sensitive. You will be able to progress through the material as quickly or as slowly as you like, and will be able to repeat it as often as you like.
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as you are enrolled in The Adept Initiative, you'll have access to this course.
Can I get access to this course without signing up for The Adept Initiative?
There are currently no plans to make this course available outside of The Adept Initiative,