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The greatest course on the planet for learning and mastering the core fundamentals of true meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

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Magick.Me Testimonial

"I have practiced meditation since 2008, and my journey has taken me from solo meditation to studying Tibetan Buddhism with a Lama. Hands down, Jason's meditation course on Magick.Me is the most powerful and succinct meditation/spiritual course that I have ever taken, and it got me past a six year stuck point."
– Rob Z.



Mastering Meditation is a master's-level course in the true techniques of meditation and yoga. It is an eight-week megacourse—for serious students only.

This is not a live course—it is fully complete and ready to be taken now. Click the Watch Promo button above for a free preview!

Meditation is the Master Key of life. It is the one skill that improves every single other thing you do in your life.

Meditation can increase your intelligence. It can vastly improve your emotional well-being. It can improve your health. It can improve your relationships with the people you love most. It can deepen your insight and creativity. It can improve your career and financial success.

Properly practiced, it can even extend your lifespan.

Outside of physical exercise and healthy diet, there is literally nothing else in the world that can so radically improve every single area of your life. It can transform your life in ways so profound and lasting that you will kick yourself for not starting earlier. It will leave you wondering if anything else in life BUT meditation is truly worth pursuing with as much passion.

In short, meditation is the best investment on the planet that you could possibly make in yourself.

And Mastering Meditation is—I say without exaggeration, because we pulled out every single stop on this one—the best course on meditation on the planet.

Anyone can begin this course, from any skill level. But unlike other courses, Mastering Meditation will bring you up to the skill level of a serious, long-term meditator. You will achieve levels of mastery in this course that other systems or groups simply will not touch.

This is because Mastering Meditation teaches the pure, ancient style of meditation: Raja Yoga. Raja means royal, kingly—because Raja Yoga is the king of all yogas, king of all meditation styles.

Raja Yoga has worked for thousands of years. It will still work in thousands of years. It will work for you, no matter who you are.

This is a serious course. It teaches the complexities and intricacies of meditation. While it is very streamlined and straightforward, it also holds nothing back.

This course is not for everybody. It is for people who are ready to commit themselves to a serious practice—a practice that can deeply change their life for the better, but which requires daily work. It is the most truly spiritual course we have ever offered. And I can absolutely say that this is the most outstanding course we've ever offered at Magick.Me.

I can't wait for you to experience this one. It's been long in the making, and it's fully ready for you to dive in right now.

I'll see you in class!

Magick.Me Testimonial

"Money and time well spent, no regrets, and nothing left but to put the lessons into practice, experiment with and integrate them, and see just where it leads me. I've never been disappointed by a course, and Jason never fails to give me not just enough, but more than I can handle—in a good way. I'm set for life with the amount of work ahead of me with everything I've learned about, and look forward to whatever he dishes out next. Much love and respect always."
– M.

Magick.Me Testimonial

"Truly the most return for the money I have ever gotten. No woo-woo at all, just hours of disciplined activity, focused effort and hard questions to ask and answer yourself. I recommend the school to you if you are ready to give everything and want to discover what it is you want and how to get it. Jason packs the classes with valuable information, and you can wring the juice out of them and into your own life."

- Wes P.



In this course, you'll get:

+ Eight weeks of progressive daily instruction in mastering Raja Yoga, the ultimate, step-by-step system of meditation

+ Clear and straightforward guidelines on how to structure your life to support a serious meditation practice

+ Guidelines on building a personal meditation space to support you in your path, and the correct tools to assemble to set yourself up for success

+ Using neurofeedback and digital trackers to gain precise analytics and measurements on your progress

+ How to master your physical body and establish an unbreakable meditation posture

+ How to use the ancient technique of Pranayama, yogic breathing, to silence your mind and achieve states of ecstatic bliss and transcendence

+ How to train your mind into silent focus and deep meditative states, which can lead to profound improvement and personal growth in literally every other area of your life

+ How to stabilize and navigate the path of meditation, including clear guidance on controversial topics like kundalini, siddhis, gurus and more

+ A wealth of information on the philosophy, history and political context of meditation and yoga, as well as an insightful overview of the major schools of meditation, how they differ, and whether you should choose one over another

+ The greatest that the most ancient schools of meditation and the most modern wearable technology have to offer

+ Official certificate of course completion upon finishing

+ Lots, lots more!

Magick.Me Testimonial

"The value that Jason Louv has provided... is beyond anything I have seen in the community, and in academia thus far. I have been in the training and education profession for over a decade. The compendium of knowledge and supplementary material that Jason has assembled is only rivaled by the highest echelon of academic providers. The integration of technology; i.e. biofeedback tools, Web-based analytics, and ubiquitous/blended learning techniques to extend the classroom beyond the traditional setting are all hallmarks of an instructor that understands how to truly integrate the course material into a highly impactful class that benefits from the best technological tools available... In summary, this course is a steal for the price."
– Drew P.

Magick.Me Testimonial

"My experience with Jason Louv as instructor has been amazing and edifying. Not only was the material truly fascinating—but also earthy and applicable to negotiating all manner of life concerns. Information is power—this is the place to be!"
– Bonnie L.



Introduction to Magick: Jason Louv

Hi, I'm Jason Louv. I'm the bestselling author of eight books (my latest is the widely acclaimed and unstoppably successful John Dee and the Empire of Angels).

For the last twenty five years, I've dedicated myself to exploring, reporting on, and teaching the world's sacred traditions—from indigenous shamanism, to the enlightenment traditions of India and Tibet, to Western magick and mysticism. I currently spend my time writing, speaking, and teaching meditation and magick at Magick.Me.

I've also worked consistently to ground the goals of the spiritual traditions I've studied into the real world. I've worked as an investigative journalist at VICE News and as a communications strategist for a number of multinational corporations. My work has appeared everywhere from Times Square billboards to the astronaut Buzz Aldrin's international campaign to colonize Mars. (Buzz presented my work to President Obama on board Air Force One.) Most recently, I've partnered with Google's Artists and Machine Intelligence program to help envision the future of artificial intelligence, and ensure that humanity creates benevolent superintelligences as it enters the AI age.

I'm not some kind of guru. I'm an all-too-human guy—but when it comes to meditation and spiritual practice, I know what I'm talking about. I've done it, I've lived it, and I love teaching it. I've created Magick.Me to leverage, update and ship the greatest spiritual tools in the world to empower you, liberate you, and awaken your higher potential—because what the world needs most is YOU... the TRUE you.

Over the last two and a half decades of my career as an author, podcaster (you can catch me in the recent Netflix show Midnight Gospel), and public spiritual teacher, I've worked with thousands of people from all walks of life—from people running home businesses or struggling to make it as artists, to people who are homeless and struggling to escape heroin addiction, to people from the very heights of society—financial traders, big tech executives, celebrities.

In all of that, I've seen that we truly have far more in common as human beings than we have differences. We all share the same anxieties, the same deep needs, and the same profound yearning for transcendence, meaning and connection with that which is larger than us. I've come to understand spirituality as a universal language, and that the techniques of true spirituality, freed from the dogmatic stories they all-too-often come wrapped in, are what are most truly needed in our world.

That's why I've spent my life bringing these techniques to the world, minus the dogma, superstition, and unnecessary complexity. Magick.Me is therefore my life's work—and I'm proud to bring it to you.

Magick.Me Testimonial

"Amazing and transformational. Not only does Jason present a tremendous amount of information, he also provides his students with the tools they need to expand their knowledge, strengthen their practice, and manifest their true will. I have no doubt that I will be following many of the paths Jason illuminated for me in this class for the rest of my life."
– Charles H.



Is Mastering Meditation a megacourse? Yes. It is a full-length, HD, massively jam-packed course on the same order as The Adept Initiative and The Alchemy of Chaos. It is overflowing with top-tier video, audio, handouts, written material, assignments, supplementary information, tools, and lots more. It does not need to be taken in any specific order with any other courses at Magick.Me, and can be taken on its own if desired. However, unlike the other Magick.Me megacourses, it does not mix techniques. It is 100% focused on pure meditation and the Eightfold Path of Yoga, without any addition or subtraction of material. It is as true to the ancient, unbreakable tradition of Raja Yoga as I can make it.

What do I need to take this course? This course can be taken on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. It consists of video units alongside written material, and can easily be consumed on any device.

How long is Mastering Meditation? What is the time commitment? Mastering Meditation is designed to be taken over the course of about two months. It is meant to integrate seamlessly into your life, in order to allow you to build the habit and discipline of a meditation practice. Think of the course as meditation on rails. The goal isn't just to teach you about meditation, but to turn you into a meditator by fully establishing a new pattern in your daily life.

At the beginning of the course, you will only need to commit about five minutes a day to practice. The time allotted for practice will gradually increase each week; by week eight, you will be meditating an hour a day. This gradual approach will allow you to both ease your way in, as well as give you the time to schedule your life to allow an hour for meditation each day. The work can be integrated into even the busiest and most packed schedule.

Is this course live? No. It is already completely filmed and polished, and includes copious handouts, written material and supplementary exercises. There are no live components. Everything is already available for you.

Do I need any previous experience, or to have taken any other courses, to take Mastering Meditation? No. Students of all experience levels are welcomed.

Do I need any special gear to take this course? No. While we do make recommendations for some helpful tools in the course, they are completely optional. You can complete this course without buying any special items.

I am hearing impaired and/or do not speak English. Can I still take this course? Yes! This course includes full written transcripts of every video unit! If you speak a language other than English, you should be able to easily translate this text by using Google Chrome as a browser, on mobile or desktop—it includes a built-in translation extension, and can easily translate the material for you.

I have a physical disability. Can I still take this course? This course does have a physical component. It will require you to, over time, develop the ability to hold still for long periods of time with a straight back, and perform deep breathing exercises. These physical requirements can be demanding, but also can be adapted to your specific case if need be, and are not rigid. Please consult with your physician if you have concerns; you can also contact us if you have questions about your individual situation or need guidance on adapting the practice.

Magick.Me Testimonial

"[Jason] has done an excellent job of researching and field testing many theories and methodologies so as to impart only that which is tested and true, in a form that is cohesive and available to someone juggling their magick and 'real' world realities at once. His insight into people and ability to see past their self delusion and excuses is on par with any therapist, while far more entertaining and helpful, since in the process he teaches how to apply these techniques to one's own discipline, self-analysis and growth. After years of self-guided exploration, it has been invaluable to me to have a clear, well-lit path to follow, with a teacher whose wisdom I can respect. I feel more grounded, centered and clear... I will be returning to this course again and again."
– Layli U.

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