Magick.Me Metaverse

Magick.Me is exploring the nascent Metaverse / web3 space and experimenting with new features to offer our students. You can find our current web3 projects below.

Magick.Me NFTs
The Magick.Me NFT Gallery of Occult Delights

We're actively curating an NFT gallery to showcase our many talented students' magick and occult-themed art. The collection is offered at OpenSea on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. Click the image above to check out the gallery!

VR Art Gallery
Magick.Me Metaverse Two: Our VR Art Gallery

Selections from our NFT gallery are also available to view within our virtual reality art gallery. Click the image above to check it out. You can either view it on your desktop or phone as a 3D, navigable space, OR you can enter it in VR proper if you have a headset like an Oculus or VIVE.

Magick.Me Chat Room
Magick.Me Metaverse Two: VR Ritual Space

We're integrating virtual ritual space for students to gather, talk about magick, make new friends, and even participate in our ongoing experimentation with ritual work within virtual reality. We've had great success already—stay tuned for future sessions.